Meet Our Service Team


Patrick McNulty  - Service Manager

At the helm of the service department is our Service Manager, Patrick McNulty. Starting in the copier industry over 25 years ago, Patrick has worked in almost every aspect of the office machine business. His diplomatic yet firm management style continues to propel his service department to new heights of productivity and customer service.

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Chris Agor 

Right from the beginning since joining us in 2000, Chris has been one of our most productive technicians.

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Alex Preza   - Asst Service Manager

Alex is Patrick's right hand. Having been with Stanton since 1987, there is little Alex has not seen. Alex has two real gifts. The first is his ability to solve problems and fix equipment. When other technicians need an extra set of eyes on a problem, it is usually Alex who gets the call. Secondly, Alex has a real gift with clients. He is calm, soft spoken, and level headed. Alex is the kind of person everyone likes. If you do not get along with Alex, you must ask yourself, "What is wrong with me?"

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Darren Ehresman

Darren has been with Stanton since 1991 and continues to grow in education and responsibility. In addition to his duties at Stanton , Darren has acquired a business degree at Fresno State.

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Ben Comacho

Ben has worked for Stanton since 1994 and in the industry since 1979. He began with the company specializing in dictation repair. Since that time Ben has been trained on a variety of products including copiers. You may have seen Ben at many events around town and never recognized him. That's because Ben's avocation is to dress up as large furry creatures to entertain children of all ages.

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Manuel Orozco

Manuel began his career in 1987. Manual began with Stanton assisting Ben with dictation and non-copier repairs in 2003. He now is putting his extensive copier training to use as one of our many 20 year veteran technicians.

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Mike Miller

Mike began his tenure with Stanton in 2005 and his copier career in 1986. It was clear from the beginning that Mike had a big picture mentality with regard to the copier business as a whole. His experience in many facets of the business gives him a well rounded perspective of this business. Mike has done a wonderful job of instilling confidence with our clients.

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Luis Alaniz

Luis is the newest member of our service team. His attention to detail and undying work ethic is yet another example of how lucky we are to have such a dedicated and hard-working group of technicians. Primarily a shop tech prepping machines for sale, Luis will soon be out in the field and service a copier near you.

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Martin Valle I.T. Department

Originally a tech for many years, Martin furthered his education by transitioning to sales to get a better understanding of how businesses utilize their copiers and streamline their workflows. Now, with a unique customer understanding, Martin has come back to service and we are very happy to have him.

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Shawn Covert 

As third generation member of the copier industry Shawn has toner in his blood. If it has gears and buttons and spits out paper, he can fix it.

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Jorge Macias

The youngest on the crew, Jorge is master of all things shop related. From new model setups, to firmware updates, to complete takedown and overhauls, he is the Shop Tech making it happen.