Meet Our Sales Team


Mike Mosby - Major Accounts

Within every successful organization there has to be a few employees who don't think like employees; they think like owners. These individuals drive everyone to strive for more, keep everyone motivated, make work fun and drive themselves to be the best. Mike Mosby is exactly that type of person.

Mike has been with Stanton since July, 1983. Currently, Mike serves as our major account manager handling government, education and large commercial accounts. Mike has been honored as the third best selling Minolta representative in the nation. Considering he has to compete with representatives from L.A. , Chicago and New York , that was quite an accomplishment. . Mike's success is no secret as no one works harder, has a better rapport, or takes better care of their clients.

In addition to all his business accomplishments, Mike and his wife Hope are the proud parents of four children, three of which entered the world upon the same date, making them the parents of triplets. Mike will tell you that after the experience of raising triplets, a career in sales is a cakewalk.

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John Keith

John Keith has returned after a 4 year hiatus when he went to Nashville to make his mark in the Country music scene. Fortunately for us, it didn't work out. John brings over 25 years of experience in the business and is known for being easy going with attention to detail.

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Lisa Laxson

Lisa is a veteran in the field of business development and never has a shortage of smiles and enthusiasm.