Lanier LF312

The Lanier LF312 is a versatile yet affordable fax system. This powerful system combines essential fax features with convenience copying and optional laser printing, so it can handle a wide range of jobs. Its compact footprint allows you to place it with ease, and its user-friendly design ensures smooth operation, even for first-time users.
Mid Volume - LF312
  ·  Print speed of 15 ppm  
  ·  Quick scan speed of 1.3 ipm  
  ·  Standard G3 modem with JBIG compression.  
  ·  50-page automatic document feeder  
  ·  Standard 350-sheet paper capacity, expandable to 850-sheets  
  ·  Choose from PCL 5e, PCL 6 and PostScript 2 compatibility to ensure superior printing with optional Printer Controller  
  ·  Two-Sided Fax Reception cuts paper cost and the Fax Duplex Scan feature saves valuable time  
  ·  3.0 seconds-per-page transmission speed helps minimize long-distance costs  
·  One-touch convenience using 30 Quick Dials and 100 Speed Dials

  Type   - Desktop Facsimile  
  ITU-T Compatibility   - Group 3 (V.34);ECM  
  Paper Capacity (Standard)   - 250 sheet Cassette Tray 100 sheet Bypass Tray  
  Paper Capacity (Optional)   - 500 sheets  
  LCD Display Size   - 2 lines (22 characters)  
  Power Consumption   - Energy Saver Mode: 1.2W and lower (without options)  
  Power Requirements   - 115 VAC, 60Hz  
  Environment   - 59 to 77º F, 30 to 70% RH  
  Dimensions (W x D x H)   - 17.6" x 19.5" x 16.2"  
  Weight   - 40.8 lbs.  
  Modem Speed   - 33.6 kbps with auto fallback  
  Optional PFU   - 17.0" x 16.1" x 5.5"(WxDxH); weight 10.6 lbs.  
  Transmit Speed (Max.)   - 3 seconds per page  
  Data Compression   - MH/MR/MMR/JBIG  
  Scan Speed (Standard Resolution)   - 2.8 seconds per page  
  Dual Access   - Standard  
  Document Memory (Standard)   - 8 MB (640 pages)  
  Document Memory (Optional)   - 40MB (1,500 pages)  
  Recording Method   - Laser  
  Auto Dialer   - 30 Quick Dials; 100 Speed Dials; 5 Groups  
  User Function Key   - 5 (dedicated keys)  
  Document Memory Backup   - 12 hours with Standard Memory (Indefinite with optional 40MB memory card)  
  Automatic Document Feeder Capacity   - 50 sheets  
  Document Width/Scan Width/Length (Max.)   - 8.5"/8.4"  
  Scan Resolution   - Standard: 200 x 100 dpi Detail: 200 x 200 dpi Fine: 200 x 400 dpi  
  Halftone   - 64 shades of gray with Error Diffusion  
  Print Speed (Max.)   - 15 pages per minute  
  Print Resolution (Max)   - 600 dpi (fax and printer)  
  Resolution Enhancement   - Super Smoothing HQ  
  Recording Width/Paper Size (Max.)   - 8.5" x 14"  
  Print Speed (Letter)   - Printer Option No Longer Available  
  Operating System   - Printer Option No Longer Available  
  Printer Control Language   - Printer Option No Longer Available  
  Printer Resolution (Max.)   - Printer Option No Longer Available

  32/64/128 MB Printer Memory Type B Service installable. Only one memory module, (32, 64, or 128 MB), can be installed at one time  
  40MB Memory Card (Feature Expander)Type 300 User/Service installable. Expands memory to 40MB and is non-volatile. Once installed total memory capacity is 1,500 pages.  
  500-Sheet Paper Feed Unit Type PS480 User/Service installable. Only one unit can be installed per mainframe.  
  Cabinet Stand User/Service installable. Recommended to set the unit on when optional PFU is installed. Provides proper height for users, makes unit easy to move, and provides storage for paper and other supplies.  
  Phone Handset Type 1018 User/Service installable. Allows use of fax line for voice communication when needed.  
  Print Controller Printer Option No Longer Available