What Our Customers Say


  • "We have been with Stanton for over 1 year and have been very very happy. We had been with our previous office machine company for over 15 years and were relatively satisfied with their service but was checking around for prices. Stanton was very competitive with their pricing and their service has been outstanding. Whenever we have had an issue, it has been resolved quickly and always the same day. (Stanton) listened to what our needs were and delivered the perfect equipment for us."
    Kim H -- Construction Industry

  • "We have been doing business with Stanton for about 10 years now and have been very satisfied with their services. They are very quick to respond to any problems or breakdowns of office equipment by having a Service Technician out that day or first thing the next morning, which allows our company to continue doing business smoothly."
    Danielle R -- Construction Industry

  • "I would highly recommend Stanton Office Machines to any business. From the beginning, they worked with us to get the machine we needed for our new business. The machine has been excellent! ...I can honestly say that Stanton has earned a customer for life. "
    Mitch B -- Automotive Industry

  • "(We) have been a customer of StantonOffice since October 2004. Thay are courteous and helpful. Deliveries are always made in a timely manner.
    We appreciate doing business with them and look forward to working with them in the future. "

    Robin D -- Manufacturing Industry

  • "Our Agency has come to value the leasing of equipment and service of Stanton Office Machines. Not only has their equipment helped eliminate the need for individual printers at each desk that required their own expensive ink cartridges but their machines have added a level of efficiency that has become indispensable to our offices. We have two machines that do so many things...the ease of using them is incredible.

    Stanton Office Machines also has a great technical support team that resolves any issue as quickly as possible, ensuring the least amount of time our machines are out of service. Having access to the virtual/online service request is very helpful because it allows us to report issues when we may not be able to reach a staff member on duty. The technicians who come out are very knowledgable of the machines. They are also very considerate in explaining what is wrong, and what they have done to fix the issue or if it will require further attention.

    The personal level of attention that is given to us as a customer is unmatched and is the main reason that we trust our copier needs to Stanton Office Machines. Stanton employees really go out of their way to see that our staff has everything they need from training to service repairs. These levels of service keeps us running at peak performance. It is very refreshing and appreciated when service personnel take time to explain everything and customize agreements to reflect our Agency needs. We are very thankful for Stanton Office Machines and would recommend their services to anyone looking for copy machine leases and repairs."

    Yolanda M -- Transportation Industry

  • "Today I am writing you to commend your organization on an exemplary Job! I have been working with Stanton for 10 plus years and have seen many changes occur over the years. It always seems to be changes for the better. From the phone staff, to the salespersons, to the service department, I have had the greatest service. I can tell you that they are the most efficient people I have ever dealt with, for the most part, but also the most pleasant and caring. They pay very close attention to detail and makes sure everything is done that can be done within their realm of their authority.
    I am looking forward to continuing our business relationship for years to come...Thank you again for your outstanding service over the past decade."

    Bobbie L -- Real Estate Industry

  • "This letter is to recommend serices provided by Stanton Office Machines. We have been with Stanton since 2009 and they have grown with us to 21 locations from Bakersfield to Sacramento, CA. The services are provided in aprofessional manner, delivered in a satisfactory time frame, and at a reasonable cost. After the sale is complete you will still receive the same type of couteous help and attention from all their employees.
    We intend to continue our relationship with Stanton Office Machines."

    Lisa S -- Telecommunications Industry

  • "I have dealt with Stanton Office Machines since October 2012 during which time they have provided my business with excellent suport in the areas of selection of a new copy machine, financing of the lease, setting up the new machine on our network, and the use of the new copier. Their work has been a major factor in helping us streamline some of our processing.
    I can confidently recommend Stanton Office Machines as a solid and reliable supplier and experts in their field."

    Sally D -- Health Care Industry

  • "Our firm has been a customer of Stanton for the past 15+ years. The reason for our longevity and loyalty to Stanton is simple and is because of their quality products and customer service.
    Stanon has a very convenient system for ordering supplies and placing service calls and they are always prompt in responding in both areas. In addition to this important service, their staff is friendly, knowledgeable and professional.
    We highly recommend Stanton Office Machines. Their sales staff is extremely effective at determining the needs of businesses and providing the best business machine solutions to get the job done quickly and efficiently."

    Suzanne A -- Legal Industry

  • "Our preschool has been affiliated with Stanton Office for over 5 years now. The customer service they have provided has been exemplary right from the very first call for service. They are prompt, pay attention to detail and always come on the appointed day.
    The workmen who tend to our machines have always presented themselves to be professional and have taken the time when needed to explain a problem or even show an employee how to do something on our copier. I'm certain that this takes up valuable time in their day, and yet they always have time for us.
    In closing, I will state that we are very satisfied with the service they provide and highly recommend them to other companies."

    Jamie R -- Education Industry

  • "(Our company) purchased our first copy machine from Stanton Office Machines in January of 2003. Since that time, we have purchased many other machines from them. I made it very clear to them back in 2003 that , in order to keep our business, they would have to provide us with superior service. Amazingly enough, they have never let us down. Because of this I would not entertain making our latest major purchase from any other company."
    Deborah C -- Automotive Industry

  • "As a current Stanton customer, I have been very pleased with the result and professional level of service offered by Stanton Office Machines."
    Josue M -- Legal Industry

  • "Stanton Office Machines has been one of our top vendors for approximately 12 years. Accordingly, I have no hesitation whatsoever recommending them as a reliable and good company with which to do business. I have found them very easy to deal with; always professional and courteous.
    Based on this experience, you can rest assured any company seeking to do business with Stanton Office Machines...would be pleased with the outcome."

    Oralia O -- Automotive Industry

  • "We ...have been doing business with Stanton Office Machines for over 5 years and have been satisfied with them ever since. Fast service, great reps, and generally nice people."
    Jose L -- Agriculture Industry

  • "Thanks for the great service! Since we have changed copiers, based on your recommendation, we have saved significantly on our lease payment expense alone in the few months that we have had the new machine. That savings would not have been possible had you not stopped by, to assess our usage and needs. Needless to say, a savings like this is important given this economic climate over the last few years.
    Thanks for going abave and beyond what is expected of a local company! I would comfortably refer your organization to others based on your high level of service any time!"

    Gary D -- Accounting Industry

  • "Over the last 5 years Stanton has provided our office with several different office machines, from copiers to scanners; even one with the same name as our owners son! We haveexperienced the good, bad, and ugly that comes with office machines but have always had great service from our sales reps and those who respond to the service calls. Somehow their technicians have been able to accomodate the varying needs of what our office has required, and helped us progress into a 'well oiled machine' of organization and administration. With the technology that has been provided in our copier and high capacity scanner we are able to service our sales agents in such a way that they are more efficient and in return, more productive. With higher technology comes more training and troubleshooting; with the support team at Stanton, from sales reps to Field Techs, we have received outstanding support!"
    Krstyn K -- Real Estate Industry

  • "It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Stanton Office Machine Company to you. During the past several years, our charter school has worked directly with (Stanton) who has assisted us with several copier leases. The company offers top-notch quality customer service. Across the board, we are always pleased with their service and products.
    In particular Stanton stood by and assisted our growing charter school with our copier needs even though we had some past financial struggles. They were willing to work with us and treat us as valuable customers.
    PLease consider Satnton Office Machine Company for all your office product needs. I recommend them and look forward to working with them again."

    Terri M -- Education Industry

  • "It has been our pleasure to work with the folks from Stanton for all of our reproduction needs. As an Engineering firm our needs are diversified and our soecs are critical. They have always gone the 'extra mile' to meet our needs and I am happy to recommend them. We have utilized their services and products for over 10 years and will continue to do so."
    Cindy H -- Consulting Industry